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GR8 is an evaluation and development solution to attract, select and promote the potential and organizational talent. A powerful tool prepared for reality and new organizational challenges. GR8 has predefined evaluation profiles with internationally validated dimensions, offering all the necessary resources for a correct management of people in a globalized environment.

In addition, GR8 allows you to create your own custom reports. Choose between 50 dimensions and generate unique assessments and reports specifically designed for your organization. You can identify those key performance indicators that are essential for taking decisions about people in different profiles.


  • Hire the right people
  • Commit and retain your workers
  • Boost sales with winning profiles
  • Increase wellness and organizational satisfaction
  • Improve the dynamics of your work team
  • Boost performance and productivity
  • Establish the bases of development and training

  • International Validation
  • Global support
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Fully customizable and scalable
  • European data security
  • Possibility of ad-hoc personalized platform

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    GR8 Full Spectrum today represents the perfect combination of performance prediction and success in a given role (Cognitive skills, Personality and Occupational interests). It is a standard in international tests, grouping the basic and most used in valuations items.
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    GR8 Sales gives you access to evaluations to measure sales potential, covering more than 90% of the performance prediction, which is an invaluable aid for the selection and evaluation of commercial roles.
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    GR8 Values covers the need to include organizational values in evaluations and use them in selection processes to deepen cultural fit, supporting established performance indicators such as cognitive skills and personality.
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    GR8 Blue Collars takes into account important performance indicators for low qualification positions. A quick and simple evaluation at a reduced cost that helps you to be more agile and efficient.
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    GR8 Interest has the great advantage of giving you the ability to identify the level and combination of predictive interests of performance for each job. The algorithms guarantee extra validity and offer specific predictability by using performance models based on concurrent studies and labour analysis, considering and giving importance to the motivation for a given role.
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    GR8 Cognitive analyzes the cognitive skills that represent one of the most important performance indicators in the selection and promotion of employees. Most scientific studies assign a percentage between 40 and 60 percent of importance in predicting performance.
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    GR8 Wellbeing identifies employee welfare levels, which are derived from certain traits and attitudes, based on the most recent research in Positive Psychology and Neuroscience by Martin Seligman and Paul Zak.
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    GR8 360 studies the behaviors associated with communication, the development of others, personal development, change management, team management, problem solving, adaptability, strategic thinking and much more, through the lens of the opinion of co-workers, subordinates, direct managers or collaborators. GR8 360 offers you more than 50 skills and competences to choose from.