Manum Leadership Transformation Program®

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Manum Consulting Group proposes a Program of Leadership Transformation in line with the the strategy and the culture of the organization. This model incorporates two large complementary programs: the Manum Leadership Capabilities Model (MLCM) and the Leadership Challenge (LC).

The aim of these programs is to raise sensitivity to and capacitate the group with administrative responsibility within a solid and integrated Leadership model in the organization.

Participants will undergo a personal transformation process which will provide them with a heightened self-knowledge, role awareness, administrative skills and capacities and lead to a sustainable performance.

The development process implies formative group sessions, self-teaching materials, assessment tests, individualized feedback sessions, coaching and team as well as individual development plans.

Directed towards professionals with management level responsibility, especially to Upper Management teams, mid-management as well as those who are soon to be promoted to positions of higher management responsibilities.