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NeuroView is the first internationally used leadership evaluation based on the latest scientific findings about neuro-management. It measures eight factors associated with high performance and high-confidence cultures according to a sound scientific basis. It is mainly based on the knowledge that confidence is the key to a healthy organizational atmosphere.

NeuroView can be supported by a follow-up platform called Momentor, a system based on the latest scientific research as to how people can successfully achieve a change in behavior. It provides participants with a step-by-step guide to apply the knowledge obtained from the evaluation to the development of planning activities in order to get better results.


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    To improve organizational, group and individual performance and facilitate the creation of healthy high-confidence cultures.
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    To bring about what several studies have shown: that those who participate in high-confidence cultures have less stress, a higher job satisfaction, more energy, more happiness, a higher productivity, better indexes of client fidelity among other improvements.

  • NeuroView is an evaluation directed to team leaders in which both the leaders and team members provide feedback. It is ideal for Leadership Development, Executive Coach and Management Formation Programs.