Organizational Alignment Survey

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The Organizational Alignment Model focuses its diagnosis in the alignment of the organization, its people, processes and services with the strategy and ultimately, to Customer Satisfaction. Towards this end we use the OAS (Organizational Alignment Survey) designed by PersonaGlobal, one of our international partners.

This tool, the OAS, is an in-depth study carried out among the collaborators with an organization and reveals how aligned a company is by taking into account twelve key indicators that affect the results of a business – based on Shaun Smith Research. That’s why, unlike other surveys, the OAS not only gives information but also insight.

Likewise, by not being just another “climate survey” or a “customer satisfaction poll”, the OAS integrates both internal and external axis in order to find the proper alignment with collaborators in all aspects pertaining to an organization’s success.

Once the key areas and priorities are established, we elaborate an Action Plan which suggests actions and recommendations directed towards achieving an alignment in agreement with the company’s strategy, through an integrated movement of key management factors and thus providing an excellent Road Map – the base of any successful Change Management.