Manum Assessment Model®

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The aim of the Manum Assessment Model® is to determine the developmental needs of the company’s potential and/or possible internal changes and promotions. This enables our model to be an analysis technique which brings a high extra added-value to an organization and its human resources departments.

Our methods are based on the use of activity drills or the same tasks to be carried out by the position in question as well as through direct observation in group interaction situations.


  • ...
    Individual and group skill evaluation through the Assessment Center and Management Audit method.
  • ...
    Elaboration of talent maps
  • ...
    Development and formation planning of (potential) professionals
  • ...
    Succession planning
  • ...
    Internal promotions

  • Identify potential
  • Insure decisions about changes of positions
  • Get a return on the investment in formation and development
  • Precisely and objectively find the key talent which will better bring about the reaching of these goals
  • Insure the proper fit of the talent to the company’s business needs and strategy