Manum Business People Development Model

Business & People

The Business People Development (BPD) Model of the Manum Consulting Group covers the main areas necessary for business people development in sales-oriented areas such as Consultive and Strategic Sales Skills and Commercial Negotiation as well as those related to the tactical execution of action plans in the territory and innovative tools and practices that make us stand out over the competition. The Model also includes the application of Commercial Coaching in order to maximize team potential.

Innovation & Differentiation

All businesses make major efforts aimed at training their teams in the technical know-how of their products and services to better highlight their characteristics and benefits. But this is not enough. To make a real difference, it is necessary to incorporate and enhance interpersonal relationship skills and capacities, to best adapt our behavior to particular persons and situations, to adequately administer our emotional reactions, to know how to construct more effective persuasive messages and to adopt the right attitude to have a positive influence over the decision-making process.

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