E3: Energy and Enthusiasm for Excellence®

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The E3 is an integral, unique multidisciplinary model which seeks to help businesses and their employees effectively strengthen and manage their energy and enthusiasm towards achieving an excellent performance in the workplace as well as an optimal balance in their personal life. This program is based on four basic energies for people’s health, well-being and performance:
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

  • ...
    To better understand what stress is and to provide tools in order to face it and better cope with it thus improving decision making.
  • ...
    To help you be more efficient and improve your everyday performance through a enhanced capacity for attention, concentration and prioritization.
  • ...
    To give the keys to knowing how to correctly handle your energy and maintain good health as well as a manageable level of stress through self-knowledge.
  • ...
    To acquire healthy habits such as physical exercise, a balanced diet, relaxation techniques which help us better cope with our constantly changing surroundings and to successfully face and overcome the challenges which each new day throws our way.

  • The E3 is great for multidisciplinary executives, professionals and teams who wish to improve their stress levels and performance through emotional management and smart eating.
  • Business

    Healthy businesses, concerned about the development of its collaborators and innovative in all aspects of management.


    People who want to give the best of themselves every day in highly competitive environments. Executives and professionals committed to continued improvement and excellence.



    Professionals focused on an effective and sustainable leadership in which cooperation and commitment are the bases of integration.