Manum Innovation Model®

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The Manum Innovation Model® is a universal application model which seeks to stress the importance of applying innovation to a wide range of activities through training in creativity and innovation techniques.

The content of the model encompasses a wide variety of tools and techniques as well as going deeper into the Accelerated Innovation™ system, a model of recognized prestige used by a good number of Fortune 500 firms.

What it’s all about when it’s all said and done is how to face the challenge of getting better results through the use of new and innovative ways of thinking while putting the client in the center of all we do.


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    To develop knowledge about creativity and innovation among the participants, promoting the desire to bring about change and improvements in the workplace.
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    To put the creative capacity of the participants to the test through some creative challenges which they will cooperate/compete with their teammates towards a common goal.
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    To get familiar with the processes involved in innovation, going more in depth in each of the stages while gaining practical experience with various cognitive stimuli which will help to broaden the range of thought of the participants.

  • The different modules of the Manum Innovation Model are aimed at the whole of the organization, from upper and mid-management to individual contributors since developing the creative capacities and introducing innovations are increasingly necessary at any level of an organization. All employees can contribute to the improvement of the products and services offered by the business from customer service to sales and administration.