Manum Personal Excellence Model®

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The Manum Personal Excellence Model® is a model based on MHS Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) whose goal is to optimize the internal and interpersonal dimension of any professional. Through models, guidelines and tools it becomes a highly effective means of personal improvement. It offers a transformational itinerary which helps any professional better carry out an effective personal change process, improve his level of commitment and have a positive impact on the company.


  • It improves the effectiveness of decision-making by going beyond simple rationality
  • We learn how to create innovative solutions and how to mobilize people within the organization in order to better carry these solutions out
  • We discover the affective world and how emotions have a direct influence over the results we give in both our personal and professional surroundings
  • We learn techniques and strategies for a better management of our own personal emotions and those of the people around us
  • We create an integral communication model which gives the positive feedback and influence the professional needs in order to reach his goals